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As part of our advocacy work with AGPPA, we released a position paper, A Better and Fairer Start for All: A case for funding all government primary schools to their Schooling Resource Standard as soon as possible. The research was undertaken by Pasi Sahlberg (University of Melbourne), Trevor Cobbold (National Convenor of Save our Schools) and Caitlin Senior (University of Melbourne).

Please click below for a summary which highlights how Australia’s school education is one of the most unequal in the developed world with achievement gaps between children from advantaged and disadvantaged backgrounds as much as equivalent of two years of learning by Year 5. The inequitable distribution of government funding is fuelling those gaps wider rather than helping to narrow them.

Congratulations to our NTPA AGM 2023 Meritorious awardees

Sue Fisher, Belinda Pearson & Carolyn Edwards

We appreciate all you do for the profession and NTPA

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